Automatic Driving Instructor Coventry

We, at Luxe Drive, are a specialized driving school offering the best lessons at the best prices with the best Automatic Driving Instructors in Coventry. With years of experience of successful journey, we have built a strong reputation, a high rate of passing in the first appearance, and an outstanding and experienced team of driving instructors that meets all your needs and offers the highest standards professionalism and quality.

Learning automatic driving is very interesting. For many, it’s much easier to drive and master automatic car than a manual car and you can improve faster, which means you’ll have to spend less time and money learning and more time driving. So if you are in hurry to get on the road with your automatic driving car, do not need to look around, just contact Luxe Drive.

At Luxe Drive, we can offer you automatic driving lessons, at cheap prices in and around the Midlands. Our instructors strive to teach you in a friendly, easy-going and enjoyable environment. They teach you in most efficient way, adapting to your needs, building your self-esteem and driving skills so you can overcome your driving test as quickly as possible and become a safe driver for life.

Luxe Drive provides all instructors with High-Quality Tuition Vehicles that are regularly inspected, serviced and replaced to guarantee you to drive with comfort and style and comfort.  Our driving instructors are some of the most proficient and experienced instructors in the Midlands. With our trusted and reliable manual driving instructors, you will be able to pass your test at first attempt.

When it comes to regularity and being punctual, we are always on time. If you need a specific day or time to learn, we will strive to adjust according to your busy schedule. If you consider the quality and the price, our services are incomparable. We offer good value for money and special discounts for beginners.

At Luxe Drive, we only provide local driving instructors. This guarantees that they can offer you the best teaching methods and know all local test routes to give you the best chance to pass the test. You will only receive the best driving instructor with the Luxe Drive.

With Luxe Drive, you will not only get full support of your instructor and guidance, but we also offer online training to help you with your theory and your perception of risk, so you can be a confident and safe driver for life.

At Luxe Drive, you can book your automatic as well as manual driving courses at your own pace because our instructors work seven days a week. Our instructors have an excellent knowledge of your local test centres, which combined with the benefits listed above, allow you to learn quick and easy with Luxe Drive.