Manual Driving Lessons in Coventry

For expert manual driving lessons, give Luxe Driving School a call on 07983 791602. We offer specialised Manual Driving Lessons in Coventry, Warwick, Bedworth, Nuneaton, Leamington Spa and More. We are rapidly expanding to cover more cities and regions.

We make the whole process exciting and pleasant for you; offer the best manual driving lessons. Our company works for you seven days a week, to meet your busy schedule.

When preparing for the driving test, we understand the stress and pressure that comes with it. Our experienced driving instructors help you calm down and gain the skills necessary to pass your driving test.

Our professional manual driving instructors have extensive knowledge of local roads and highways to help you navigate and drive. You can count on Luxe to provide the necessary training, safety skills and knowledge to be the proficient driver on the road. We, at Luxe provide a reliable, professional and competent manual driving lesson. Each lesson is tailored to your level of experience and to meet your individual goals. We offer large and comfortable vehicles to make driver training even more enjoyable. For reliable, consistent and expert manual driving lessons, you can count on Luxe to ensure you are on the road.

People want to learn manual for multiple reasons. It’s more challenging and sophisticated, it can help you drive classic cars, it’s a great beginning point for transport careers, and you can have more control over the vehicle itself. Whatever the reason, you want to drive a manual car over automatic, you can count on Luxe.

Here, at Luxe, we will teach you all the ins-and-outs of manual driving. Take driving lessons with us, and we will teach you to drive a manual vehicle like a pro. Our precise, detailed and safety-focused instructions will increase your confidence on the road.

We will together evaluate your driving skills on your first lesson and set goals and targets so that you are learning in the best possible way suitable for your needs and pace. We work with you to help you tackle your weaknesses and turn them into strengths by the time your test day arrives. Yes, we are that incredible.

There are many driving schools in Coventry but we can confidently say we are one of the best. At Luxe we are proud to have professional instructors who are happy to meet your needs; whether you go to work or college during the day and need evening or weekends lessons, or work in shifts and need irregular sessions, you’ll find your friendly and proficient driving instructor who will gladly work around your schedule.

At Luxe you can book your manual as well as automatic driving lessons at your own pace because we have instructors available seven days a week. Our instructors have an excellent knowledge of your local test centres, which combined with the benefits listed above, allow you to learn quickly and easily.